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Please follow these procedures:

1.) Make a tee time

Every group must have a tee time. 

This will ensure that the tee is yours when your tee time arrives. 


You can book your tee time online (preferred)


over the phone 802-525-1126. 

2.)  Pay for your golf and accessories/snacks.


            If the pro shop is not staffed, you can pay for your greens fees and accessories/snacks in one of two ways:

              a.)  Cash or check - use provided envelope and deposit in wooden box.

              b.)  Self Checkout Kiosk - simply tap your choices and checkout with your debit or credit card.

3.)  Select your cart

     If you rented a cart, select it from the main cart parking area.  Select any cart.  Instead of a sign-out form, your selection will be recorded by video camera.  At the end of your round return carts to the designated area for sanitizing.

4.)  Play golf and enjoy!

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