the new normal... (for the time being)

Whether the pro shop is closed due to a mandate, or you just wish to bypass the clubhouse, please follow these new procedures:

1.) Make a tee time

Every group must have a tee time.  This will ensure that the tee is yours when your tee time arrives.  Tee times are now in 15 minute intervals to help spread groups around the course.  


You can book your tee time online (preferred)


over the phone 802-525-1126. 

2.)  Pay for your golf and accessories/snacks.

          Whether the pro shop is open or not, you can pay for your greens fees and accessories/snacks (when available) in one of four ways:

              a.)  Cash or check - use mailbox

              b.)  PayPal - scan the code posted on the front door.

              c.)  Google Pay - send your payment to

              d.)  Use our Virtual Pro Shop.

3.)  Sign in

          We need to know who is on the course and if you were able to complete your payment.

               Every group must sign in by either:

               a.)  Signing the roster at the clubhouse - include method of payment.

                           ~ or ~

               b.)  Text your last name and method of payment to: (802) 323-6174.


4.)  Select your cart


     If you rented a cart, select it from the main cart parking area.  Select any cart.  Instead of a sign-out form, your selection will be recorded by video camera.  One person per cart (unless living in the same household.)  At the end of your round return carts to the designated area for sanitizing.

4.)  Play golf and enjoy!